Transparent Masturbator

More and more male masturbators these days tend to come in transparent material.  I guess the reason is that a lot of guys like to see what’s going on down there.  For example, you can see exactly how far your penis is penetrating the masturbator.  With many masturbators having special ribs and balls the further you go in, that’s a good thing. 

So it’s great that Snail Cup have started releasing their famous male sex toys in transparent versions, known as the ‘Snail™ Transparent Male Masturbation Cup’.  With the incredible realism of the Snail Cups, it almost feels that you are able to watch your penis fucking a vagina.  A lot of guys will find this an extra turn-on.  One drawback with see-through Snail Cups is that they are not quite so discreet to carry around, as even the case is transparent.  If that’s not a problem to you though, I recommend the Snail Cup as the one to buy.